Essential Cardano
Guide to the Ecosystem

Your overview of the people and projects
building on Cardano

Essential Cardano Guide to the Ecosystem

In 2015, Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood had an idea: to change how the world works by creating a transformative blockchain ecosystem. They founded Input Output, a company that, along with a passionate community of developers and users, would lay the foundations for the Cardano blockchain.

Today, Input Output Global (IOG) views the world as a series of giant networks built on hundreds of complex systems. IOG’s mission is to collectively evolve social, financial, and governance systems towards a world that puts people in full control of their lives.

This brand new guide from IOG’s Community & Ecosystem Team seeks to offer a foundation of understanding, a compendium of the theoretical concepts, technological components, and achievements that underpin and define Cardano. 

This guide doesn't claim to be comprehensive – the Cardano ecosystem continues to grow, and we can’t hope to capture every worthwhile project. Instead, we hope it provides a valuable snapshot of where we are today. And, above all else, chart how the whole Cardano community is working together to build a future that is more empowering, more secure, and just, well, better.

Tim Harrison,
VP Community & Ecosystem, Input Output

Disclaimer: Inclusion of a project in this report does not constitute endorsement or recommendation of such project by IOG.